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New Dynatrap Bug Trap Quit Zapping & Start Trapping!

New Dynatrap Bug Trap

Mosquitoes and other insects get in the way of enjoying summer outdoor activities as well as posing a health risk. But it's been hard to find a kid and earth friendly way to eliminate insects in your yard... until now.

The NEW Dynatrap can be used indoors and outdoors and is:

Pesticide/Odor Free

Lightweight, easy to assemble and install.

No propane or gas needed.

Dynatrap uses a unique, non-toxic method for insect elimination. Like bug zappers, Dynatrap's UV fluorescent bulb produces a warm light which attracts flying insects. But Dynatrap also has a titanium dioxide coating which emits carbon dioxide--irresistible to mosquitoes. Once attracted, insects are sucked into the trap by a fan. With no harmful pesticides or fumes, Dynatrap is the safe way to control insects in your yard this summer. K&B True Value has several models to choose from, stop in a take a look today!

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Celebrate Earth Day with Us

First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day is now a worldwide celebration of our amazing planet. While progress has been made since the first Earth Day to protect our world, there's much more we can all do. Below is food for thought as we celebrate our fabulous home.

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Popcorn for a Purpose

K&B True Value is pleased to offer local non-profit organizations a unique no-risk fundraising opportunity: "Popcorn for a Purpose.

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Green Cycler

Compost Expert Shares Secrets to Success in Annapolis on Saturday, March 29

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Change your Mood with Room Color

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt better -- or worse? Then you've experienced the psychology of color. Colors can instantly calm us, energize us, or clear our thoughts. Artists and interior designers have long understood how color can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and emotions. Certain colors have been associated with increased blood pressure, increased metabolism, and eyestrain.