K&B True Value offers free delivery for True Value Rewards Members who live within 5 driving miles of our store, for purchases of $50 or more!

How it works:

  1. Shop online or at our store for everything you need from K&B True Value.
  2. Choose a delivery option:
    a. Free delivery: available for True Value Rewards (TVR) members* on orders of $50 or more, for up to 25 bags, within 5 driving miles of the store. (If you aren’t a True Value Rewards members, sign up free at the store.)
    b. $25 charge: applies if the order is less than $50, or between 5-10 driving miles from the store, or for non-Rewards members.
    c. $25 additional charge: on orders larger than 25 bags.
    d. Our ability and charge for deliveries beyond 10 miles from the store are subject to a manager’s discretion.
  3. Delivered from store to door: Whether shopping online or in the store, speak to a sales associate to arrange a delivery day and time.

    Please note: Except for water conditioner salt, deliveries are for curbside drop-off only. Water conditioner salt will be delivered as preferred.

Download our delivery form

Local delivery policies:

  1. Distance: We deliver to locations up to 10 driving miles from our store. Deliveries over 5 miles will incur a charge.
  2. Timing of local deliveries:
    a. Priority: Deliveries are scheduled on a first-placed, first delivered basis.
    b. Good Faith Estimates: We will deliver your order as soon as we can. However, any times given should be considered good-faith estimates and not promises.
  3. Service goal: Our service goal is safe and timely delivery within the capabilities of our staff and equipment. Our goal is not immediate delivery service.
  4. Maximum weight per delivery: a delivery can be for a combination of products weighing up to 2 tons or the volume limits of a van. For bagged goods, 50 bags is about 1 ton. Quantities that exceed the weight or volume limits of the van will require separate deliveries and could incur additional charges.
  5. Timing of payment:
    a. For our driver safety we do not allow COD (cash on delivery) deliveries.
    b. All deliveries must be paid for in advance through the cashiers at and in K&B True Value, with two exceptions:
    – Credit card customers that call in their order, provide their credit card over the phone, verbally agree to these terms, and are present at the time of delivery to: show identification, sign this delivery agreement, and sign the credit card receipt. If the customer is not present at that time, the driver will not complete the delivery and the customer will be responsible for scheduling, and paying for, an additional delivery.
    – Pre-approved commercial accounts that have previously signed a copy of this delivery agreement and agree that the agreement will apply to future deliveries. Their deliveries will be charged to their account.
  6. Service Availability:
    a. Days of operation: Our delivery service is not available every day and is subject to change.
    b. Non-deliverable items: Large quantities of hazardous or volatile chemicals may not be delivered due to Department of Transportation restrictions.
  7. Delivery site requirements:
    a. Carry distance: Unless a customer pays an additional carrying charge as described below, deliveries are curbside, which includes a distance of 20feet away from the curb.
    b. Customer assistance: If a customer commits to helping the driver unload an item, such as a grill, but is then not present at the agreed delivery time, the driver will return to the store with the product, make the delivery at another time with an additional employee, and charge the customer accordingly for the separate and additional delivery.
    c. Returns: If a customer wants to return an item, whether or not it was delivered, by having K&B True Value pick up the item and return it to the store, we will schedule and charge the pickup as a regular (not free) delivery.
    d. Site entrance requirements: Our drivers carry standard Maryland driver’s licenses. If your job site has other requirements please notify your salesperson.
    e. Acceptance: You will have a choice of acceptance. Either you agree to accept delivery:
    – in person by signing our delivery invoice; or,
    – without your presence. Such deliveries are final and you assume all responsibility for damage, theft, loss, or any other concern.
  8. Discrepancy reporting: All discrepancies must be noted at time of delivery and must be noted in writing on the delivery invoice. Unless noted at time of delivery, the customer agrees that the delivery was completed accurately and to the customer’s satisfaction.
  9. Refusal to deliver: We reserve the right to refuse delivery of any order.
  10. Changes to this policy: We reserve the right to change this policy without notice, as circumstances and conditions change over time. Changes are immediately in effect.