K&B Cash: A Fun Way to Save!

What is K&B Cash?

• K&B Cash is a type of coupon that you can earn from April 22 through July 4, 2023, each time you make a purchase of at least ten dollars.
• For every ten dollars you spend with us (excluding sales tax), you’ll receive one dollar of K&B Cash.
• For example: Spend $50 > Receive $5 of K&B Cash.

How do you redeem K&B Cash?

• During the K&B Cash-Out Week of July 8–16, 2023, you can apply your earned K&B Cash to your regularly-priced, in-stock, in-store purchases.
• You’ll be able to match your K&B Cash dollar for dollar to the price of their purchase up to 50%.
• For example: Your total purchase is $100, you have $10 of K&B Cash > Total is $90.
Your total purchase is $100, you have $50 > Total owed is $50.

Can you use K&B Cash before or after the K&B Cash-Out Week?

No. It may only be used during the redemption period, July 8-16, to be fair to everyone.

What’s the fine print?

• K&B Cash can only be applied to regularly-price items purchased during the Cash-Out Week, July 8–16, 2023, and cannot be used with any other discount or offer.
• K&B Cash cannot be used for purchases from our online store.
• K&B Cash cannot be used toward sale items, special orders, power equipment, tools, grills, small appliances, ladders, sump pumps, or gift cards.
• K&B Cash has no cash value and customers are responsible for sales tax on a purchase’s regular, non-discounted price.
• There is no rounding-up. For example:
Purchase of $0.01 – $9.99 = $0 K&B Cash
Purchase of $10.00 – $19.99 = $1 K&B Cash
Purchase of $20.00 – $29.99 = $2 K&B Cash
Purchase of $30.00 – $39.99 = $3 K&B Cash, etc.


• Items purchased with K&B Cash are returnable within our standard return policy, but K&B Cash is not returnable.
• If an item purchased with K&B Cash is later returned, we will refund the non-K&B Cash portion of the payment. The K&B Cash will be forfeited.