K&B True Value Team

If you are a regular at K&B True Value, then you probably already know most of our full-time team members on a first name basis. That’s just how it is here — and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Gary Czarnacki
General Manager
Ashley Barnes
Full-Time Sales Associate
Debbie Belt
Full-Time Cashier
Samantha Blundell
Assistant Store Manager:
Tiffany Ellison
Full-Time Sales Associate
Aaron Glenn headshot
Aaron Glenn
Assistant Store Manager:
Lawn & Garden Supply
Joe Hogbin, Housewares Manager at K&B True Value
Joe Hogbin
Assistant Store Manager:
Housewares & Tools
Margie Magill
Sales Associate
Tim Murphy
Assistant Store Manager:
Plumbing & Electrical

The team behind the scenes…

Ana Palma
Assistant Inventory Manager
Headshot of Debbie Remaley
Debbie Remaley
Inventory Manager
Headshot of Tracey Welch
Tracey Welch

Jack Schumacher
Warehouse Operator
Headshot of Jared Littmann
Jared Littmann