K&B True Value Team

If you are a regular at K&B True Value, then you probably already know most of our full-time team members on a first name basis. That’s just how it is here — and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Debbie Belt
Full-Time Cashier
Samantha Blundell
Assistant Store Manager:
Tiffany Ellison
Lead Cashier
Aaron Glenn
Assistant Store Manager:
Lawn & Garden Supply
Alexander Hill
Delivery Driver &
Sales Associate
Joe Hogbin, Housewares Manager at K&B True Value
Joe Hogbin
Assistant Store Manager:
Housewares & Tools
Margie Magill
Sales Associate
Tim Murphy
Assistant Store Manager:
Plumbing & Electrical

The team behind the scenes…

Edwin Johnson
Stockroom Associate
Jason McEwain
Warehouse Manager
Ana Palma
Assistant Inventory Manager
Debbie Remaley
Inventory Manager
Marlene Niefeld
Jared Littmann