Pickleball: The Fun Sport with the Funny Name

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If you’re like most families, you have already plowed your way through board games, puzzles, and every possible series that Netflix has to offer, so you may be looking for a new diversion. We’ve got you covered for another activity to pickup during the COVID-19 pandemic...pickleball.

If you can play tennis, ping-pong, or badminton, you can absolutely play pickleball. Sure, the name is a little ridiculous but the rules are simple and all you need is a patch of street or driveway as a court, a net, paddles, and a ball.

The game area 20’x44’, but of course that is regulation. If you need to adapt the court to fit your available space, you’re not going to be sanctioned by American Pickleball Association. Each side of the court is divided into three zones: the two in the back are the right service court and the left service court, and the first third of the court against the net is the non-volley zone. It’s a fast-moving game that you can play to 11, 15, or even 21 points, and it is simple to learn by both adults and kids.

How exactly do you play? Take a minute to learn…and that’s all it takes! https://shrtm.nu/GmZI

If you are interested in other family-based, outside games, we have stocked up! Besides pickleball, we carry equipment for dodgeball, Frisbee, and bunch of other games to keep you busy for the rest of the summer of social distancing!


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Guest October 24, 2020