From Crispy to Lush: Tips for a Spectacular Summer Lawn

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Maryland summers are notoriously hot and humid. That’s nothing new. But this weather is extremely rough on lawns during the peak summer months of July and August. So, what can you do to cushion this annual blow to your beloved yard?

Your lawn is probably looking a little crispy right now, with brown patches scattered around the yard, especially around trees, whose roots greedily gather every drop of water they can find underground. Usually the daily summer storms end by late June, but luckily, they arrived late this season, so we have gotten a couple of good soakings over the past few days. But don’t count on that.

Your lawn will need a thorough watering at least once a week, preferable twice. We carry everything from sprinklers to hoses to timers, which makes this process as easy as possible. Water early in the morning. Wet grass and humid overnight conditions are a perfect combination for fungus and disease.

Water is critical, so you want to conserve as much as possible at the root-level. That means that you should mow with your mower set as high as possible, so that the grass remains at least 3 inches tall. That shades the roots to prevent evaporation and crowds out the weeds that seek to invade this time of year.

As a rule, you want to avoid fertilizer, which can burn grass when applied during the heat. However, Milorganite® fertilizer can be safely applied anytime, and will dissolve water finds its way onto the lawn.

Your goal is to keep your lawn as healthy as possible until you get to fall lawn care season. The healthier your lawn is in fall, the healthier it will be in spring! Jonathan Green Green-Up can be applied anytime, and will not only feed your lawn for three months, but will help your lawn resist drought and disease.

Once September gets here, you’ll want to think about aerating, dethatching, and overseeding. In the meantime, keep your lawn watered and mow high!


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