Your Home and Autumn’s Arrival – Part 2

Your Home and Autumn's Arrival- Part 1

Autumn is here and its getting colder- fast.

There is a LOT to do! Luckily, K&B True Value makes it easy.


Seal It Up to Control Drafts and Pests

As the weather gets cooler and you debate turning on the heat, take a tour around your house, inside and outside. Look for any spaces, holes, or cracks around the foundation and in the garage and basement. Check to make sure that pipes don’t have too much space where they come through the wall. All of these gaps, no matter how small, are perfect opportunities for drafts and critters to enter your house! REMEMBER, a mouse only needs a hole the size of a dime (that’s right a dime!) to squeeze into your warm house. Use foam sealant to keep your house tight and secure! If critters have already slipped in, we can help there, too. Come in and check out our pest control options.

Do that Painting Project You’ve Been Putting Off

The days may be cooler, but they are certainly not cold, which makes it perfect for painting. If you’ve been putting off that painting project because it’s too hot, you have now officially run out of excuses. We have all the supplies, accessories, and gadgets to make your project as easy as possible. Don’t forget that if you want to freshen up an older painting job using the same color, we can color-match for you, even if you have long since thrown away the old can. Just bring us a sample the size of a quarter and we’ll scan it, match it and mix it up for you.

Winter Heating

Is your fireplace ready for winter? A chimney fire is extremely dangerous, so before you do anything, make sure that you have it professionally cleaned! K&B True Value has all the fireplace tools and accessories ready for action, including bundled firewood, firelogs and fire starters. If you have a wood pellet stove, buy a pallet of cleaner-burning Lignetics wood pellets from us NOW (at the best price in town) so you’ll have plenty of fuel through the winter.