Your Home and Autumn’s Arrival – Part 1

Your Home and Autumn's Arrival- Part 1

Autumn in Maryland is tricky. It can be cool and crisp one week and then swelteringly hot the next. So we have learned to pay attention to the calendar, rather than the weather when getting fall tasks done. And there is a LOT to do! Luckily, K&B True Value makes it easy.


Plant Perennials & Bulbs

Fall is prime bulb-planting time! K&B True Value has a fantastic selection of early, mid and late-season bloomers in dozens of varieties and colors plus augers and bulb fertilizer to make planting a breeze. Before undertaking this task, consider adding some of K&B True Value’s quality perennials to your landscape now and adding the bulbs to the hole before planting them. That way, in early spring your bulbs will emerge from the ground adding to the beauty of your garden, only to give way to the perennials when they emerge later on. That’s getting twice the bang for your garden space!

Seed and Fertilize Your Lawn

Fall is also a prime time for lawn care. The recent rain has made the soil perfect for aerating, overseeding, and fertilizing your lawn to ensure that it will look its best in spring. Remember that you need at least six weeks between seeding and fertilizing so that you don’t burn new seedlings, UNLESS you use a starter fertilizer, such as Milorganite®. If that is the case, you can seed and fertilize at the same time.

Prepare for the Leaves

The leaves haven’t really started to fall yet but when they do, it will happen quickly. So be sure to stock up on rakes and K&B True Value’s big eco-friendly paper bags. If you have vegetable gardens that are done for the season, lay some of those leaves, shredded if possible, on top of the soil as mulch to protect them over the winter.