Prevent Weeds with Corn Gluten Timing is Critical!


Weeds love spring just like everyone else, and they arrive en masse in lawns. Once there, it’s a monumental task to get rid of them. That’s why you need to get ahead of them with Espoma Organic® Weed Preventer or Jonathan Green Organic Weed Control with Fertilizer!

The key ingredient in both is corn gluten, which helps to stop weeds before they emerge while nourishing your lawn to make it more resistant to heat, drought, and stress. These products are all-natural, making them safe for your family, your pets, and the Chesapeake Bay! But like most things in life, timing is critical — you MUST put down your organic weed control before the weeds start to grow! So the rule of thumb is once the forsythia blooms, get your weed prevention on the lawn.

This is also the time to put down Milorganite®, an organic all-purpose nitrogen fertilizer that can be used on everything from lawns to flowers to shrubs. It’s easy to use, plus environmentally sustainable.

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