How’s Your Garden Doing?

How's Your Garden Doing?

Have you noticed black spots on your plants and veggies or a powdery white substance on the leaves? Either could be a disease fatal to your plants if left untreated.

Keeping your plants well-nourished and watered increases their natural ability to resist disease but even the best tended garden can experience disease. Summer conditions make your plants more susceptible to fungal and bacterial infection and are also the prime feeding and breeding time for insects that can prey on garden plants.

VISIT OUR BONIDE PROBLEM SOLVER which shows the different types of diseases and critters that can invade your garden. There are many options to treat plant disease and bug infestation including organic options. If you have a plant(s) in your garden that aren’t doing so well, bring in a leaf/bug sample today so we can provide you with the “medicine” your garden needs.