Hard Water?

Hard Water

Water in nature never exists as just pure H20. More than 60% of the earth’s water is groundwater below the surface. When water passes through soft rock formations such as shale and limestone, it dissolves and picks up minerals from the rock and ends up in the underground aquifers we draw our water supply from. “Hard water” is basically water containing higher amounts of dissolved minerals-usually calcium and magnesium but also iron.

Most homes in Maryland have hard water whether it’s supplied by a private well or municipality. While studies suggest there is no health hazard to consuming hard water, it can cause dry skin and hair, bathtub rings, spots on glass, silverware and fixtures, dull, dingy clothing and shortened life expectancy of water-using appliances. Many Annapolis area homeowners use water conditioning systems to “soften” the water by using salts to help remove dissolved minerals.

Softening your home’s water makes life easier which is why K&B TrueValue keeps its pricing for salt products low (just about the lowest in town) and offers delivery.