Mouse in the House!

Mouse in the House!

The especially cold temperatures we’ve had recently provide extra incentive for mice to find a way into your house. If you suspect you have mice, address the problem immediately. Mice present a health hazard to you and your family. And since a female can have up to 10 litters a year with six or more babies per litter there is no such thing as one mouse!

Prevention: Keep Mice Out of Your House

Store food, especially grains, pet food and birdseed, in rodent-proof metal or heavy plastic containers.Store grass seed in sealed containers.Rodent proof your garbage cans by settling them on 6-in. high wood platforms. Be sure lids fit tight; use rubber cords to fasten them if necessary. Replace cans with cracks or holes.Search out holes (even small ones) around your foundation, eaves and soffits and fill with steel wool, caulk, plaster or cement or cover with sheet metal.

If You Do Have Mice… there are several options to get rid of them: live traps, snap traps, sticky traps, and poison. If you have pets or children, we don’t recommend poison as it is very dangerous if ingested.

Snap traps are effective. This photo shows the best way to position a snap trap. Using two doubles the chances of trapping a mouse because it can jump over one trap, but not two. A trap can be reused–the scent of a captured mouse actually attracts other mice. Always wash your hands after handling anything that may have had contact with mice. Stay safe by wearing gloves when handling traps.