Holiday Lighting

Holiday lighting

Lighting up the exterior of your home really spreads holiday cheer. Below are 10 tips for outdoor holiday lighting.

  1. Always Follow the Manufacturer’s Directions. Generally, you should never string more than three standard-size sets of lights together unless otherwise stated.
  2. Plug Your Lights in Before You Start Hanging. It’s a lot easier to replace bulbs, fuses, etc. when you aren’t 10 ft in the air.
  3. Examine Each String of Lights Carefully. If there are a number of cracked/damaged bulbs, consider purchasing a new string. Make sure lights are approved for outdoor use.
  4. Bulbs that Aren’t Working/Only Half Work. Try gently pushing bulbs in to ensure theres a good connection. Mark burnt out bulbs with a piece of masking tape or magic marker to make replacement easier.
  5. Extracting Broken/Burnt Out Bulbs.
    Put on a pair of gloves and grab broken bulb with needle nose pliers and gently pull the bulb out.
  6. If Your Lights Aren’t Lighting Up. Check your fuse (generally in the plug portion of the strand).
  7. Using Indoor Power. Always use a surge protector being careful not to overload the circuit. Never run cords under a rug or door where they can be crushed.
  8. Using Exterior Power. Always plug into outlets protected by GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) to prevent shock. Be sure there is a good connection/seal so the weather doesn’t get in. Use the appropriate extension cord based on amps being pulled. (Not sure-ask one of the K&B True Value experts). Run electrical tape around connections.
  9. Timers. Timers designed for outdoor use make your life easier and help save on electricity. They make timers for indoor and outdoor use, so make sure you are using the appropriate type for your application.
  10. Mount Your Lights Off the Gutter or Roof w/Clips or Hooks. K&B True Value carries various hooks/clips to help you hang your lights without damaging the trim or walls.

A Note on Ladder Safety: If your eaves are low and the ground is level, you may be able to use a step ladder but remember not to sit or stand on the last two steps and never leave tools sitting on it. The rule of thumb for an extension ladder is for every 4 ft in height the ladder should be pulled out 1 ft from the wall or edge.

Not sure which types of lights to use and need a bit more help? Click here for more information on Holiday Light Installation.