Ladies’ Night Event Exceeds Expectations

True Value Ladies' Night

Excerpt from February 2009 Hardware Retailing article

“K&B True Value in Annapolis, Md., sure knows how to treat a lady—even 113 of them. The store hosted its first-ever Ladies’ Night event in October, and it was a huge success. K&B’s Vice President and Co-owner Jared Littmann said he was originally expecting 30 to 40 women to RSVP for the event, but he ended up cutting off registration at 140 people because of space. Of those 140, 113 showed up plus 20 others who were unregistered. 

Littmann attributes the high turnout to his use of an e-mail blast to promote the event. He sent out e-mail invitations to members of the store’s True Value Rewards program. It was his first time using an e-mail blast, and it got a surprisingly good response, he says. ‘It was sent out at 6 a.m. the Monday before the event,’ he says. ‘By 8 a.m., I had about 20 responses. I was concerned that I would have to cut it off by Wednesday.’

The women who attended the event were treated to gift bags, light refreshments, raffle prizes and a series of presentations demonstrating various home improvement projects.”