Wow Them with Deep-Fried Turkey

Deep Fried Turkey

The 1990s cranked out cultural innovations by the truckload…grunge music, Palm-Pilots, DVDs, and, of course, deep-fried turkeys. Nowadays, you hear grunge music on the overhead speaker while at the grocery store, no one remembers what a Palm-Pilot does, and Netflix pretty much ended DVDs. Deep-fried turkeys, on the other hand, are here to stay. Although one or two of you probably still have your Palm-Pilot.

Make Sure You Have the Right Supplies

Deep frying your turkey isn’t particularly complicated, although it goes without saying that extreme caution should be used around a big pot of hot oil. This bears repeating…BE CAREFUL AROUND THE BOILING OIL! Okay. Now down to business. You’re going to need:

  • a pot
  • a propane burner with a rack
  • and your oil.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Deep-Fried Turkey

First off, if there is even a hint of rain, then switch to Plan B, which is the tried and true oven-roasting method. But, if you have clear weather, set up your pot somewhere outside that is level and well away from any trees or structures.

You’re going to want the oil 4-5 inches below the top of the pot, so be sure to calculate the displacement that the bird will cause when added to the pot. If you don’t want to guess, add water to the pot first and then lower the turkey in to see how much oil you’ll need. Then pour out the water and dry out the pot thoroughly.

(And here you thought you’d never use Archimedes’ principle of water displacement, right?)

Fill your pot with the frying oil and fire up the propane. It should take about a half hour to preheat your oil to 250°F. While the oil is heating, tend to your bird. Pat it dry, inside and out, and add your seasoning or rub. Stuffed turkeys do not go in the fryer.

Once your oil comes up to temperature, it’s time to add your turkey. If using a basket, lower it, without the turkey, into the oil for thirty seconds to prevent sticking, and then pull it out again. TURN OFF THE PROPANE!

Now, while wearing heavy-duty gloves, SLOWLY lower the turkey into the oil very, very carefully. Once the turkey is in the pot, turn the flame back on and heat the oil to 350°F.

A turkey in the oven takes about 20 minutes per pound. A bird in the oil takes about 3-4 minutes per pound. Assuming that you have a normal-sized turkey, in the neighborhood of 12 to 16 lbs., you should start checking the temperature (being careful around the hot oil) after about 30 minutes, using an instant-read thermometer.

Once your temperature reads 155°F, it’s time to pull the bird out of the oil. Gloves on! Once again, TURN OFF THE PROPANE. Then, carefully remove your turkey, place it on a platter, and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. During that time, the internal temperature will increase to 165°F, which is the safe zone for poultry. At that point, carve away!

Take a Bite…And Enjoy!

Your bird will be incredibly juicy and tender, with a crisp, delicious skin that is beyond compare. We should warn you though, once you fry your turkey once, you’ll never go back to oven roasting again. So, accept that this will become your new family tradition moving forward.

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Need more Help?

If you’re looking for a bit more guidance on prepping and deep frying a turkey, Butterball® has a short video reviewing all the essential steps!