20/21″ Xtrguard Chain


20/21″ Xtrguard Chain

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New Improved Design! 20"/21" 72v Vaguard Full Chisel Premium C-loop Chain, 72 Drive Links, Fastest, Smoothest, Low-kickback Chain Available, No Other Chain This Safe Cuts This Fast, Heavy Duty Full-Chisel Cutters, Wide Track Depth Guages For Speed & Safety, Low-Vibration Vibe-Ban Design Decreases Vibration Up To 30%, Lubrilink Tie Straps Ensure Full-Time Oil Saturation Of The Bar & Chain, Chain Meets ANSI Standards, Fits Husqvarna, Remington & Dayton Chain Saws.
New improved design! 20"/21" 72v vaguard full chisel premium c-loop chain, 72 drive links, fastest, smoothest, low-kickback chain available, no other chain this safe cuts this fast, heavy duty full-chisel cutters, wide track depth gauges for speed & safety, low-vibration vibe-ban design decreases vibration up to 30%, lubrilink tie straps ensure full-time oil saturation of the bar & chain, chain meets ansi standards, fits husqvarna, Remington & Dayton chain saws.

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Dimensions 5.00 × 9.25 × 1.00 in