5M Crabgrass Plus


5M Crabgrass Plus

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5,000 SQFT Coverage, Crabgrass Plus Post-Emergent Crabgrass & Lawn Weed Killer, Combines Quinclorc, Dithiopyr, Dicamba, & 2.4-D To Kill Many Kinds Of Lawn Weeds Including Hard To Control Mature Crabgrass Without Harming Lawn Grasses, For Home Lawn Use, Eliminates Early Season Timing Challenges To Produce A Weed Free Lawn, Lightweight Carrier For Better Leaf Adhesion & Effectiveness, Treats Northern & Southern Lawn Grasses Except Centipede & St. Augustine Varieties, Application Rates Are As Low As 2.4 LB Per 1000 SQFT.
5,000 sqft coverage, crabgrass plus post-emergent crabgrass & lawn weed killer, combines quinclorc, dithiopyr, dicamba, & 2.4-d to kill many kinds of lawn weeds including hard to control mature crabgrass without harming lawn grasses, for home lawn use, eliminates early season timing challenges to produce a weed free lawn, lightweight carrier for better leaf adhesion & effectiveness, treats northern & southern lawn grasses except centipede & st. Augustine varieties, application rates are as low as 2.4 lb per 1000 sqft.

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