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    Breaking Down Respirators

    Respirators or face masks are an incredibly useful tool to use around the house, but there are several different kinds, which can make it a bit confusing. It really comes down to the task you’re performing. The obvious projects where respirators are useful are painting, sanding, refinishing furniture, cleaning up aggressively smelly messes, or using cleaners such as bleach or ammonia. There are also some jobs that you never thought to use a respirator, such as shredding leaves or mowing the lawn…those allergens can be sneaky! The point is, you need the right mask for the right job. There are essentially two kinds of respirators…one to filter gas and another to filter particulates. We carry an extensive line of 3M respirators that have several products that fall into both of these categories. Although neither are expensive, particulate masks are especially cost-effective, so it makes sense to have a bunch of… Read More


    How is your vegetable garden looking right now? It should be at the peak of production at this point, overflowing with summer bounty. And this is where most people discover the gardener’s dilemma … too much of a good thing.

    Hot Weather Watering

    Let’s talk Maryland weather. The last two years notwithstanding, our winters tend to be fairly mild. That’s the upside. On the downside, our summers are brutally hot and humid with a great deal of rain from mid-May to late June.

    Catch, Steam & Enjoy!

    Maryland crab season starts in early spring which is fine if you like small, anemic crabs who have just groggily crawled out of the muck from their long winter snooze. Long-time residents know July is when the crabs start to get good and heavy.