Plant Fall Bulbs for a Burst of Spring Color

Fall is planting time for spring-blooming bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth. There’s nothing difficult about planting bulbs and you can plant dozens in no time.

Get Them in the Ground at the Right Time

Flowering bulbs are the first signs of spring and couldn’t be easier. Simply plant them in fall and forget about them until the weather gets warmer and your garden is filled with blooms.

Creating a colorful spring garden requires just 3 easy steps: choosing your bulbs, knowing when to plant, and following some basic planting instructions.

Get the bulbs into the ground at the proper planting time. As a general rule, spring-blooming bulbs can be planted anytime before the soil begins to freeze. But bulbs will benefit from having a few weeks to establish roots before the ground is frozen.

Decide on a Good Place

Choosing a good planting location is important. Although bulbs will grow almost anywhere, they do best in soil that drains well.

Instructions for planting is the same for all types of bulbs:

• Dig a hole 3-4 times deeper than the height of the bulb.
• Set the bulbs into the hole, following spacing guidelines on the package.
• If desired, add a fertilizer made for bulbs such as Espoma Bulb-tone.
• Cover bulbs with soil and water only if the soil is very dry.

When planting bulbs, avoid the temptation to plant them in rows. For a natural look, group them together in a pyramid, rectangle, or circle shape.